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Plexus is recognized as the most effective plastic cleaner, protectant and polisher on the market. It can be used on a multitude of surfaces including vending machines, countertops, appliances, vehicles, and even eyeglasses. Since new plastic is most vulnerable to contaminants and damage, using Plexus early on can help in the long-term protection and maintenance of plastic.  

Plexus is easy to use with its aerosol applicator. Simply spray and wipe, no buffing, no mess, and no waste. Plexus contains no ammonia, alcohol, or petroleum-base product, which can dry out plastic, leading to cracking and discoloration over time. Plexus protects plastic more effectively than ordinary cleaners, because it seals the pores in plastic surfaces with a micro-thin layer of shiny, protective wax. Plastic becomes resistant to debris, oil, scratches, and eventual yellowing. And its anti-static properties repel dust and lint.  

Of course, there's really only one way to be convinced about the superiority of Plexus: try it yourself. So when you're looking for the most effective cleaner, protectant and polish for any kind of plastic, there's only one. 





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