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    Conlux ...Simply the right choice
Defining simple and delivering value-
for operators and to the bottom line.
CCM5 Design Heritage
With a heritage of reliability and performance, the MCM5 is poised to deliver even more value and simplicity to operators than its predecessor model.

Like the CCM5, its diversion path is designed to resist salt water vandalism and damage enhancing changer durability.
New Float Options
Program to the float level of your choice with float buttons on the MCM5 discriminator or with a CPM (coin programming module). Float up or down with the touch of a button or float between two preset factory float levels: $34 or $52. Its simply your choice.
Increased Tube Capacity
Fill tubes with more coins. Larger tubes fit and accept 2 full rolls of coins. Alleviate change starvation issues and costly service calls to replenish cassettes with the increased capacity. Read coin tube amounts faster with discernible tube fill lines marked on the cassette. Its simply your choice.
Quick Coin Payout
A simultaneous 3-Coin payout speeds up transactions and increases throughout in high volumes. A last coin payout feature prevents dead inventory.
30% Less Power Required
Uses 30% less power while in idle state than other models, a feature you can promote to win new accounts.
Defining simple and delivering value - for operators and to the bottom line.

Simplify operations

MCM5 Specifications
Cassette Programming is automatic Cassette Programming is Automatic
Simply snap a preconfigured cassette into place and the coin configurations are automatically recognized by the changer. No programming needed by a technician, no possibility of error. Optimize sales by interchangeing different cassette configurations, according to vend price.

Interface Multi-Drop-Bus (M.D.B.)

Operating Voltage -34DC

Power Consumption 0.07A

Operating State Motor Operation 0.66A
Peak Max. 5 sec. 0.92A

Operating Temperature Range 5 F (-15 C) to 140 F (+60 C)

Insulation Resistance 20M Ohm or more

Weight 3.5 lbs (1.6kg)

Dimensions HxWxD: 14.83 x 5.43 x 3.23
(376mm x 137mm x 82mm)

Number of Motors 1 Motor 15VDC

Number of Solenoids 5 for Coin Selection 15VDC

Coin Acceptance U.S.: 5, 10, 25, $1
CAN: 5, 10, 25, $1, $2
Switch Selectable for U.S. only,
Canadian only, or both

Cassette Tube
Part Number

5030008020P 37804

5030008030P 37806

Click Here to view Install Guide PDF
Access the Coin Tubes with Ease Access the Coin Tubes with Ease
MCM5 cassettes are fully accessible from the back and open to easily fill tubes with full rolls of coins and make collection simple. A standard top-fill option is still a choice for operators. Accessible tubes expedite cleaning and removal of foreign debris.
Redesigned Keypad Redesigned Keypad
A 9 button keypad & labeling improve the user interface and make programming even more simple. A diagnostic LED light increases awareness for any necessary maintenance.
Better Product Durability Better Product Durability
Durability and coin visibility are packed into the MCM5. The coin return lever is sturdy for the harshest users. A single-unit , transparent coin-door, swings open to give greater visibility to the coin path. The colored gate makes coin jams easy to spot.
Enhanced Dipswitch Settings Enhanced Dipswitch Settings
Enhanced dipswitch settings, to program for float, and change between US and Canadian coins, are recessed to minimize accidental setting changes. These switches can also turn token acceptance off and on.
Maintenance Made Simple
No need for tools at the vend site. Assembly, disassembly and field maintenance are as simple as always with CONLUX branded products.

1301 Wilson Drive
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380

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