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NBM 3000 Series


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NBM-3000 Series Bill Validator




Designed to simplify your business through reliable, field-proven performance. 


NBM-3000 Series Bill Validator
Field Tested, Field Proven  


Vertical Sensing 

Magnetic head and optical sensors are positioned away from dirt and protected from salting, resulting in longer life and fewer service calls. Vertical configuration enables easy cleaning, if required. 


Anti-Salting System 

Built-in protection includes water drain and no electronics in lower chute; saltwater never reaches bill path or electronics. 


Pullback, "Yank Cheat", Protection 

Motor-driven shutter remains closed when in standby mode, protecting validator from salting, vandalism and cheating. 


Unique Bill Stacking Method 

Two cam design stacks more bills in less space than conventional validators. 




High Acceptance Rate 

$1, $5 Bills and Coupons. 


Optional Security Bezel 

Metal bezel protects validator from vandalism. Available factory-installed or as a retrofit kit. 


All-Plastic Construction 

Lightweight, easy to clean and service. 


Swing-Open Stacker 

One latch opens bill stacker, making it easy to collect bills. 


LED Diagnostics 

Indicates status of validator, making field service easier. 


Two-Belt Bill Transport 

Contributes to longer belt life and easier servicing system rated at over 200,000 operations. 



Limited 2 year warranty. 



Conlux Simply the right choice 



the MEI value brand of bill and 

coin validator products 



Simple operation.  

Maximum durability. 



NBM-3000 Specifications 





Multi-Drop-Bus (M.D.B.) 



Operating Voltage 





Power Consumption 


Standby 0.30A or less 



Operating State 


Motor Operation 0.60A or less 

Peak Max. 4 sec 1.20A or less 



Operating Temperature Range 


5F (-15C) to 140F (+60C) 



Insulation Resistance 


20M Ohm or more 





400 Stacker: 2.24 Lbs. (1.02 Kg.) 

700 Stacker: 2.48 Lbs. (1.12 Kg.) 





400 Stacker:  

HxWxD: 10.92" x 3.62" x 5.59" 

(277.3mm x 92.0mm x 141.0mm) 

700 Stacker:   

HxWxD: 10.92"H x 3.62"W x 7.16"D 

(277.3mm x 92.0mm x 181.9mm) 



Pullback Prevention 


Shutter System 



Escrow Function 





Front Mask 


Bottler Mask & Full-line Mask Available 



Front Mask Lamp 


Available for Bottler Mask and Metal Mask 



Coin Acceptance 

    2-Way Face-up 

    $1, $5 and Coupon 

    Switch Selectable for $5 and Coupon 



NMB-3000 Vertical Sensing diagram 


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About the Conlux product line 

Conlux is the MEI value brand of bill and coin validator products, acquired by MEI in 2003. The Conlux brand is the leading payment systems product in Japan, and has been distributed in North America since 1985. Established in Japan in 1967 to product and sell coin mechanisms for vending machines, Conlux products are designed to simplify business through reliable, field-proven performance. 



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