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L.E.D. Lighting Glass Front Vending Machine Kits

Call 1-888-836-3638

             LED lighting for vending machines

Benefits of L.E.D. Lighting

Low voltage-all kits plug-in to existing 24 volt power sources, so NO auxiliary transformers are required on nearly every model

Superior product display-64 individual LED's are mounted on thick copper pads which reduce temperatures and evenly distribute maximum illumination to the entire product display eliminating dark sections

Energy savings-Up to 60% savings on energy consumption

Bulb life extended-expect 5-10 years of reliable service

Eliminate hazardous waste-fluorescent bulbs contain TOXIC Mercury and are getting harder to dispose of as laws are tightening

Reduce service calls-no more regular service calls to replace fluorescent lamps, starters and ballasts

Reduce service costs'-no more strange lamp line noise destroying controllers and payment system components or randomly jackpotting your inventory tubes or resetting vend prices

L.E.D Glass Front Merchandiser Kits
KIT NO. Machine

1216062.106Buy Now
Automatic Products 12X and Studio Series

1216062.107Buy Now
Automatic Products 11X Series

1216062.108Buy Now
Automatic Products 123/129 Series

1216062.109Buy Now
AMS-All Series of machines

1216062.110Buy Now
ROWE Snack Machines

1216062.111Buy Now
USI, Fawn, Selectivend-DZF, 5W RRF, HR40,HR23
Automatic Products LCM Series.

1216062.115Buy Now
National Vendors & GPL. All Snack Models.
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   •  Questions? Call 1-888-836-3638
Increase Operator same site sales volume-L.E.D. lighting brightens machine displays and encourages consumers to buy. Some increased more that 19% after installation.

R.O.I can be realized almost immediately-add the savings in energy + service and parts cost savings + increase in consumer sales and L.E.D. is a no-brainer

It's your environmental responsibility-take charge and do your part

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