Changes to Cashless Service

In recent months, our payment processors have changed compliance requirements for EMV certified cashless readers in unattended retail. Despite lobbying from the our cashless hardware partners, the processors will begin charging monthly fines for all merchants that accept non-EMV contactless (“Tap”) payments starting December 1st, 2022. As a result, we will be removing this functionality from any Greenlite device that is not EMV contactless compliant on December 1st, 2022.

These devices will continue to accept Magstripe (“Swipe”) payments and send telemetry information as normal. “Tap” payments using credit and debit cards, and Mobile Wallets will no longer be accepted.
While these steps should extend the useable life of Greenlite devices that do not accept EMV contactless, we encourage operators to upgrade their impacted devices to compliant EMV contactless cashless readers to enjoy the full benefits of the cashless experience and enable the reduce exposure to fraud and increased security that comes with the upgraded technology.

Please see the FAQ below for additional information. You can easily and quickly start the upgrade process by submitting a request HERE.

General EMV FAQs

EMV is a security standard jointly created by Europay, Mastercard, Visa (i.e., “EMV”) that reduces the chance of in-person credit/debit card fraud and increases the security of consumer financial data.

The new fines imposed by payment providers made continuing to accept non-EMV contactless payments infeasible for our customers. We were left with two options, either sunset the affected devices, or remove contactless payment acceptance on non-EMV devices. We believe removing contactless payments was the better of the two options to support our customers in the light of these new requirements.

This means that debit and credit card “Tap” payments will no longer be processed on non-EMV Seed and ePort readers. Mobile Wallets will also no longer be accepted. agswipe payments will continue as normal.

You can easily tell if you have a non-EMV compliant Greenlite Seed cashless device if the device on the front of your machine is dark grey or there is an orange seed box inside your machine on the righthand side your machine. If you DO NOT have an orange
box inside your machine, your cashless device is already EMV compliant. Watch the quick video below to quickly see how to tell if your current Greenlite device is NOT EMV compliant.

Support FAQs

Processors will charge a $5,000 monthly fine per merchant location starting December 1st, 2022, with the fine doubling every month thereafter.

No, customers will not be fined for not upgrading their non-EMV evice. On December 1st, 2022, non-EMV “Tap” payments will be turned off, preventing additional fines from being incurred.

Greenlite is offering a special incentive to enable operators to upgrade their devices at no cost to them.

While we believe the removal of “Tap” payment functionality will extend the useable life of reenlite devices that do not accept EMV contactless, this should not be considered a permanent solution. We encourage operators to upgrade their devices to compliant EMV contactless cashless readers to njoy the full benefits of the cashless experience.

This change is only affecting US-Based card readers that are not EMV compliant.

We’ve made it easy to upgrade your device from Greenlite Seed to Greenlite ePort so you will continue to receive “tap”
payments. To start the upgrade process, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Once you ‘Submit’ this form, you will be redirected to the Greenlite ePort online registration form. To complete your upgrade request, you must fully completed and submit the Greenlite ePort
registration form.

Upgrade Your Greenlite Seed Card Readers

How to ID:

  • Device on the outside of your machine is dark grey
  • Device connects to an orange seed box inside your machine
View video for more info