General Shipping

For domestic parcel shipments, we use FedEx or UPS. See below for expedited shipping options.

Orders are packed and put together to ensure the safe shipment of your parts. Certain parts/combinations/sizes need to be palletized to ensure safe shipment. You will read SAIA the carrier if we have determined this is the best route for these parts.

Can I pick up my own order or schedule a pick up?

Yes, if you would like to pick up your parts, our parts shipping department is open for pickups between 8am-2pm Monday-Friday. Our parts shipping department is located at 8040 University BLVD, Clive, IA 50325 Dock 14.

If you would like to schedule a LTL pick up, our shipping department is located at 8040 University BLVD, Clive, IA 50235 Docks 5-8. They are available 8 am- 3:30pm. Your driver will need to know the contact name and phone number you provided.

How do I know if my order is ready for pick up?

We will inform you when your order is expected to be ready when your order is placed. If you have any questions, please contact us here .

Can I walk in to order parts?

Unfortunately, no. But, you can order the parts on this website and select to pick up your order.

You can have your order shipped to a new address, or drop shipped to a third party.

If I drop ship an order, will the invoice be sent to that address?

No. The order will come with a packing slip. All pricing/invoices will be sent to you.

You will receive a tracking notification to the email address you provided.

Unfortunately, no. Please ask us here

Unfortunately, no.

Due to the high volume of orders and to ensure quality, at this time we are seeing a slight delay in fulfillment time. Vendnet orders can take up to 10 business days to ship, as soon as your order ships you'll receive a shipping notification email with a tracking number.

If some, but not all of your parts are available, you can have your order shipped partially. If the ship partial is checked, our parts shipping team will ship the parts as they become available.

Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is any order shipping to a destination that needs to arrive quicker than ground shipment.

UPS 2nd Day Air- Orders will deliver in two business days.

UPS Next Day Air- Orders will deliver before noon on the next business day.

UPS Next Day Air Saturday- Orders placed on Friday will be delivered on Saturday.

UPS Early AM- Orders will deliver before 10AM on the next business day.

Orders with expedited shipping need to be placed before 1pm CST.

Online Shopping

Vendent accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card

You will receive an order verification report shortly after placing your order. You will receive tracking information as soon as your order ships.

Yes, all parts orders come with a 1 year warranty.


Please fill out the RMA request form here.

Unfortunately, no. Once an order is placed it is final. Please fill out the RMA request form here if you need to return parts.

You will need an account to purchase parts. If you have not ordered parts with us before, we will request a little bit of information from you to assist in the creation.

Submit a request now for it to be added to our website to purchase.  Please note, it may take 2 to 3 business days for the part to become available online.

Repairs and Returns

Yes! We can repair certain parts and send them back to you. Click here for more information.

In general, we repair the following parts:

• Refrigeration Units

• Control Boards

• Coin Mechanisms

• Bill Validators

*Some parts are no longer available based on age and part obsolescence.

We will start a repair and return order for you and provide you the necessary information on how to send your part in to us. Please save your tracking number! Once a part is repaired, we will contact you for payment and then send back.

Once we receive your part, it generally takes 4-6 weeks for your repair to be completed.
The 4-6 weeks is an estimate and sometimes repairs take much less time and sometimes they take a little longer. We will do our best to contact you with any delays for your repair, but if it has been more than 6 weeks since your part has been eceived by us and we have not contacted you, please reach out to us!

General Vendnet Information

We are open from 8 am- 5 pm CST Monday through Friday.

To create an account, we ask for your contact information and your billing/shipping information.

Greenlite Cashless

Greenlite is your cloud-based cashless solution for accepting card and mobile payments through your vending machine. You can manage your cash and cashless vending with one easy-to-use web-based application. The Greenlite solution on factory-installed machines consists of the latest cashless reader with built-in NFC capability, a cellular telemetry device that mounts inside your machine, a high-gain antenna, a door switch for noting door open events and a temperature sensor (on refrigerated and frozen food models) for recording and reporting temperature alerts. Remove monitoring and reporting is all available through a cloud-based application viewable from any device that has a web browser, be it your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

For additional questions regarding Greenlite, please check out the Greenlite Frequently Asked Questions.

The Greenlite solution not only processes cashless payments but also helps you make your business more efficient, which means more profit in your pocket. Greenlite incorporates management tools not available in most cashless-only systems.

The Greenlite solution can be installed in your vending machines from the factory, which can be done by speaking to your sales representative. Additionally, field installation is simple and just requires a simple set of tools to mount the telemetry device and antenna.

The credit card reader is the latest model of magnetic strip and Near Field Communications (NFC).

The Greenlite telemetry device is a cellular module that quickly mounts inside your machine and securely communicates the information to and from your vending machine to the internet and server so that you can see the information on your computer, tablet or other web browser equipped device.

Contact your vending machine provider to have Greenlite installed on your next vending machine order or call Vendnet at515-271-8404to get set up for a Greenlite field install kit.

Greenlite is a product provided by The Wittern Group of companies, a leading supplier of vending solutions since 1931

Greenlite offers two solutions powered by the Cantaloupe Systems suite of integrated cloud-based mobile technologies. Cantaloupe Systems has been assisting vendors to be more profitable and increase efficiencies since 2002.

Greenlite is also powered by 365 Retail Markets, which has been enhancing consumer experiences, innovating the vending industry and developing best-in-class convenience technologies since 2008.

If your machine is not showing up under machine sales, you may need to deploy your vending machine. Then, change the view to “Show All” and click “Go.” 

For more questions, please view the following resources: Asset Setup Part I, Asset Setup Part II or Greenlite Customers and Locations.

In order to change your bank account information, please fill out the Bank Account Change Form.

The Greenlite Basic plan includes cash discounts, cash and cashless machine sales, item sales and payouts and transactions.

The Greenlite Data plan tracks inventory levels, links to reports, tracks employees and eliminates theft and tracks payouts. 

View more plans here.

In order to change your plan, please fill out this Change Form.

To transfer your device to another customer, simply fill out the Cancelation Transfer Form.

The numbers on the Machine Sales Page break down the cash and cashless sales of your machine based on the time period.

For more information regarding the Machine Sales Page, please watch this video.

To set up your planogram, setup the items in your database. 

After logging in, go to Setup Items. Every item that will be a part of your inventory will need to be set up. On this page, you will click “Add Item.” The Item Code can either be the UPC number or your own item code. Make sure you use a common naming scheme for all of your items. Then, click “Save,” before adding another item. 

Once your items are added, you can edit your planogram. Click the Asset ID on the Machine Sales page. Then, click “Edit Planogram.” From here, you can add in your items from your database. 

For more information on both of these features, please watch the Item Setup Video and the Edit Planogram Video.

The best way to monitor your sales is through the Cashless Sales Analysis, which can be found under the “Cashless” tab and then “Sales Analysis” on the Greenlite site. From here, you can view sales based on period.

To setup the 10 cent cash discount, go to “Machine” and then “Machine List.” From here, click “Edit” next to your machine and then “Planogram.” From here, scroll down to the “Cash Discount” line and click the arrow for the desired discount for cash.

To enable remote pricing, go to Machine > Machine List. Then, find the machine and click on its asset ID to go to the Machine Details page. From there, click “Edit Machine Info.” You will then be able to find the “Remote Price Change” field where you will select “Enabled.” Once complete, click “Save.”

How Do I...

Begin by opening your machine’s door.

Then, look on the side that is closest to the cabinet (the body fo the machine), which is located to the left of the glass.

At eye level, you will see the main control board. Depending on your machine, it will be blue, black, red or green. If you do not see a control board, there may be a control board cover over the top of it. This will need to be removed in order to see your board. 

*Please note that this information is for our most current production machines. If your machine is older than 10 years, this information may not be accurate.

watch video

1. Blue Board - GVC 1

2. Red Board - GVC 2

3. Black Board - Flex

4. Green Board - Vendonovation

*Please note that this information is for our most current production machines. If your machine is older than 10 years, this information may not be accurate.

watch video

To find the model number:

1. Open the door of your vending machine.

2. Above the glass at the top of the door- watch video, look for a silver label- watch video, which is also where the serial number is located.

3. In the middle of the label, there should be a four-digit model number. 

4. There may also be letters after the four numbers.

watch video