Vendnet's repair department allows you to send in many different parts to be fixed. We repair a wide range of components including, but not limited to, control boards, bill validators, coin mechanisms, touch screens, and refrigeration units.


Vendnet repairs the above components on all current production machines being built. In addition, we repair certain components that are no longer able to be purchased including, but not limited to some SM-6 and F80 control boards, certain Coinco coin mechanisms, and Conlux CV1000 Conlux bill validators.

Vendnet repairs come with a 1-year warranty. Warranty coverage includes defect in product or workmanship. Vandalism, damage, neglect, and wear and tear from normal use is not covered by warranty.

In many cases, Vendnet repairs are the most economical option to get your machine back up and running. Get your repair order started today by using our repair service.

If you would like to send in a refrigeration unit for repair, please email to receive proper packaging instructions and guidelines including shipping information and pricing.