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Warranty Registration


Complete this registration ON-LINE and

receive an additional 3 months Warranty FREE!


All warranty cards are coded and must be mailed or web completed 

within the (60) days of date purchased to be valid. 

* Certain models may carry different warranties. Contact Vendnet for full listing. 

*Required Fields
*Serial Number(s): 
*Purchase Date:   /  /  mm/dd/yyyy
*Company Purchased From: 
*Type of location in which installed: 
Owner Information
*Business Name: 
*First Name: 
*Middle Initial: 
*Last Name: 
*Phone:   -  - 
Cell Phone/Alternate:   -  - 
Fax:   -  - 
Web Site: 
*Email Address: 
*Confirm Email Address: 
Mailing Address
*Address Line 1: 
Address Line 2: 
Shipping Address
Same as mailing address: 
Yes    No
*Address Line 1: 
Address Line 2: 
*1.  How many years have you been operating your vending business in some form?
      less than 1 year     1-5     6-10     11-15     16-20     21+
*2.  Vending is a:
      full-time occupation     part-time occupation
*3.  How many employees (including yourself) are associated with your business?
      Self     2-4     5-10     11-20     21+
*4.  What type(s) of product sales does your business include?
      Bulk     Snack     Cold Food     Frozen Food     Cold Drink     Coffee
*5.  How many active accounts make up your business?
      1-5     6-15     16-25     26-40     41-60
      61-80     81-100     101-200     201-300     301+
*6.  Approximately, how many active machines do you have on location?
      Bulk     0     1-10     11-40     41-100     101-250     251+
      Snack     0     1-3     4-15     16-25     26-40     41-60     61+
      Cold Drink     0     1-3     4-15     16-25     26-40     41-60     61+
      Cold Food     0     1-3     4-15     16-25     26-40     41-60     61+
      Frozen Food     0     1-3     4-15     16-25     26-40     41-60     61+
      Coffee     0     1-3     4-15     16-25     26-40     41-60     61+
Please Answer These Statements To The Best Of Your Knowledge
*7.  I purchase most of my wholesale vend products through: (Check all applicable):
      Local Broker
      Wholesale Club
*8.  I purchase my vending equipment from the following companies:
*9.  I solicit new accounts for my business by the following methods:
      Self     Word of mouth     Telemarketing service     Yellow Pages
      Mailing Service       Professional locator     Internet
*10.  My business plans for the next 12 months are to:
      Expand with new accounts     Increase in personnel     Maintain business
      Decrease in business     Retire from vending     Sell off business
*11.  I was introduced to the vending business by the following sources:
      Friend     Business Listing     Business opportunity seminar
      Publication source(s)     Yellow Pages     Web
*12.  How many vending machines do you anticipate purchasing in the next 12 months?
      less than 2     3-10     11-20     21-40     more than 40
*13.  What type of vending machine equipment would you be most interested in purchasing in the next 12 months?
      Snack     Beverage     Coffee
      Cold Food     Frozen Food     Gumball (Bulk)
*14.  When I acquire vending equipment for my business I prefer to:
    Pay Cash
*15.  Would you be interested in testing new vending machines or vendible products?
      Yes     No
*16.  Would you be interested in vending management location opportunities?
      Yes     No
*17.  Would you be interested in additional revenue opportunities through vending machine delivery and repairs?
      Yes     No
18.  Other Comments?


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