A common issue that prevents your card reader from proper operation is a loose DEX connection. It is critical to locate the DEX connection regardless of the type of control board installed in your machine. A proper DEX connection is essential to populate the sales data, stock levels, and other information that is critical for your vending business.

This video shows how to go about checking connections, resolving common issues, and ensuring the DEX connections are intact. You can refer to the part number for the DEX harness as # 4214278 when you are ordering replacements or during support.

A routine check to ensure that the Dex connection is in order is highly recommended.

For more help with your Greenlite card reader visit our Greenlite tutorial video or parts section.

Our Help Center is also available for additional support.
Language: English
Product Type: Connection
Difficulty: Easy
Duration:5 Minutes or less

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