The Wittern frozen food vending machine is a perfect mini-cafeteria useful for dispensing high-margin ice cream, frozen meals, and fresh food. We recommend paying special attention to the set up instructions in this video because it is important to maintain your refrigeration unit so your products will remain fresh for your customers.

0:05 Tools Needed

0:46 Machine Damage Protocol

1:53 Find Keys

2:10 Power Cord

2:43 Remove Shipping Skids

4:11 Plugging In Machine

5:07 Leveling Machine

6:08 Service Mode Button

6:19 Set Prices

6:53 Fill Coin Mechanism

7:09 Refrigeration Unit Maintenance

7:31 Frozen Machine Tips

Check out our parts store to find the coils and motors you’re looking for.

Find new air filters and temperature sensors as well.

For additional support, visit our Help Center.
Language: English
1 hour or more
Models: 3576, 3577

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