Adjustable Lockers are terrific for managing inventory and supplies that are too large for a coil dispenser. Combined with iQ Technology software, Adjustable Locker hardware will help you track who takes what items, when and how many. Increase employee accountability and more importantly save money by managing your inventory with Adjustable Lockers.

Adjustable Lockers come either in a Stand Alone/Host version (Model 3641) or Satellite version (Model 3642). Satellite lockers can be attached to Supply Dispensers or a Stand Alone/Host locker. Adjustable Locker compartments can increase in size by removing compartment dividers and attaching locker doors together to create taller compartments.

Follow the steps in this video to set up your Adjustable Locker.

0:14 Inspect Machine for Damage in Transit

1:41 Remove Shipping Skids

2:10 Leveling Machine

2:24 Keys & Power Cord

3:05 Opening Locker

3:25 Service Box

3:38 Locker Connections

4:39 Motor Count

5:13 Motor Type

5:41 Test Vend

For more assistance please contact Intelligent Dispensing Solutions at 515-271-8510.

Language: English
Difficulty: Easy
Duration:1 hour or more

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