Replacing a bill validator in your vending machine, along with replacing a coin acceptor, are two of the most frequent questions we receive from customers. Fortunately, these two issues are usually relatively quick and easy to solve.

In this bill validator replacement video, Vendnet explains this video you will find how to prepare to replace your bill validator including the importance of switching off the vending machine’s power performing removal steps, the tools you need to remove the existing bill validator, how to properly attach and connect harnesses to your new bill validator.

Now that your Bill Validator has been replaced, would you like to see how to program it?   Check out our bill acceptor programming videos here

Programming your bill acceptor is easy and quick, however the process varies depending upon what control board your machine has.  If you are unsure about which control board you have in your machine see this video to quickly determine which control board is in your machine.  Still need help?  Find additional technical support here at our Help Center.

Language: English
Product Type: Payment Systems
Difficulty: Easy
Duration:5 Minutes or less

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