In this video, you will learn how to set prices on your Flex controlled touch screen vending machine. To set prices you will need to put your machine in service mode, by pressing the service mode button on the control board.  The service mode button is on the control board inside your vending machine. You will notice that the touch screen shows a different set of options that can be used to manage your vending machine.  

Find Set Price on the service mode menu. Then, select the products you would like to set the prices for and use the icon at the bottom of the screen to enter the new prices. You can either change the prices of all the items at once or change the price of each item individually.  

Follow the steps in this video to fill your coin mechanism with change and set up your bill validator. 

This video explains how to set prices on a GVC 2 controlled machine and this video will walk you through setting prices on a keypad machine with a Flex control board.

See our full library of Flex programming videos here.

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Language: English
Product Type: UI
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Less than 5 Minutes
Models: 3605, 3606, 3605, 3623, 3624, 3625, 3626, 3627, 3628, 3629, 3630, 3563, 3563, 3557.

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