Steel trays in refrigerated machines are used to hold heavier products like soda pop, milk, juice and water. You can move these trays up and down within your machine to accommodate the different products you want to sell.  To begin the process of moving your steel tray up or down, power off your machine and remove the harness from the retainer and connector. 

Then, remove the six Philips screws, three on each side, that are used to secure the tray on the rails. Next, lift the tray and remove it from the rails. After you remove the tray, reposition the rail. 

Identifying the default tray position, which the white dots are, will help you when resecuring the screws in their new correct position.    

Make sure the rails are level when you are securing them into the cabinet.  After securing the tray on the rails, plug in the harness to the connector and retainer.   

Check out our video library to access more tutorial videos about trays, motors and coils.

We also have an online store to order brand new vending parts.

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Language: English
Product Type: Trays
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration:15-30 Minutes

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