Making sure your vending machines are clean and disinfected for your customers is a great way to practice terrific customer service at your locations. Especially in the post-pandemic era the public will be turned off by machines that are not kept clean.. This video highlights the simple methods for an effective and damage-free cleaning of your vending equipment. 

Here is a run-down of important steps you will find in this video for cleaning your vending machines:
  1. The components to be cleaned and how to clean it 
  2. Cleaning agents to be used and avoided 
  3. The prerequisites involved in the cleaning process 
  4. The cloths to be used for cleaning the different parts of the machine 
  5. Cleaning utilities required 
  6. Protective PPEs to be used 

You can find helpful videos to replace your air filter, clean your card reader and your bill acceptor from Vendnet as well.

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Product Type: Exterior Styling

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