In this video, you will observe how to replace the stainless door heater wire on your frozen food machine. First, begin by unplugging the connector and popping the wires out of the connector. Next, remove the stainless trim pieces and pull the wire out of its location. Once you have unplugged the connector, the ground wire and the two thickest the grey wires will be removed.  This process is much easier if you use the amp pin extractor tool. Next, remove any extra perma-gum you may see on both sides of the door where all the harnessing goes through. Watch the full video to learn more. Taking care of your vending machines’ refrigeration system is one of the most important steps you can take to make sure your vending machines continue to run correctly. It’s critical to replace your air filter every 3 months. Please watch this video to learn more about maintaining your refrigeration unit. You can find our Refrigeration parts section here and easily complete your order online. For additional support, visit our Help Center.  
Language: English
Product Type: Cabinet, Refrigeration
Difficulty: Hard
Duration: 30-60 Minutes
Models:3573, 3532, 3530, 3182, 3162, 3515, 3187, 3514, 3513

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