It is important to know how best to use your cold drink vending machine so you can maximize your profit and your customers’ satisfaction. This video seeks to help operators understand which drinks to sell and the best ways to load drinks in a Model 3578 Can/Bottle Vending Machine.

Your model 3578 Can Bottle Cold Drink Vending Machine can dispense most 12 and 16 ounce cans. As well as 20 and 25 ounce bottles. Your machine offers ten selections. It’s important to load you more popular items in the front columns, since they are the most accessible for loading. We recommend double stacking 12 ounce cans in a selection. When loading bottles, make sure bottle caps are pointed away from the center of the machine. To vend 16.9oz water bottles you will need a Water Filler part. This part should have come attached inside your machine. These bottles tend to squish together making it difficult to vend without the water filler part. To vend thin 250 milliliter drinks, like Red Bull cans, you will need to use our 250 ml front spacer kit or 250 ml back spacer kit. To vend shorter drinks, such as 10 ounce bottles, you’ll need to move the back spacer closer to the middle of the machine to make sure the selection size is smaller. 

Language: English
Product Type: Bottle Vending Machine
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Less than 5 Minutes.

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