Scan & Go is  a self-service vending machine and micro market hybrid solution designed to offer convenience to customers and profit-making capabilities to operators. 

Please have the following tools to complete the setup:

  1. A screwdriver or drill with a number two Philips head
  2. A bubble level for leveling the machine. 
  3. A Vendnet wrench leveling tool.
  4. A pry bar, a crowbar, or a large screwdriver and hammer to split and remove the shipping skids.
  5. A box cutter or blade to cut open the packaging. 

Begin by plugging in the machine. Next, connect the bluetooth cooler to the snack machine. Find the Cooler’s bluetooth code on the front door. This information will be used to connect the cooler to the snack machine. You will need to enter service mode by pressing this blue button on the control board. Then go to Connections, Flex Connect Setting, and enter password 2314. Next go to BLE 1 and then enter the Bluetooth address that you find on the cooler.

Next you will set up the top hat header for the snack machine, secure the shelves in the cooler, build a food tray for the cooler, and a drink tray for the cooler. You will also learn how to set up items in the Scan & Go Market. Find the Market Cooler Food Tray Kit here

Find more tutorial videos to help you with your Scan & Go Market here.

Language: English
Difficulty: Easy
Duration:1 hour or more
Parts Manual Service Manual Programming Manual Download Product List

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