Greenlite is a cashless vending solution that accepts credit cards, debit card  and mobile payments from your customers. Greenlite software tracks machine sales and inventory and can send you electronic alerts so you can stay up to date with your vending machines.

You can write different kinds of reports in the Greenlite web application. Reporting is one of the most popular parts of the Greenlite web application and can help you organize your vending machine business. This video discusses how to write reports for Sales, Access, Cash Accountability, and Price Exception. You will learn about the different selection options to customize reports and how to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet. 

You will also learn how to save reports so you can run them later. Go to the ‘reports’ tab and then find ‘report writer’ in the menu. Choose the report type from the ‘Choose a report type’ dropdown menu and click ‘View Report’ to view the report. Also, you can sort columns in the ascending or descending orders by clicking the headers. This video also explains the Desired Price and the DEX price. 

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Language: English
Product Type: Payment Systems
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 5 Minutes or less

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