PUSH-IT is an alternative delivery system that does not use coils but instead uses pusher modules to propel flat items off the tray. Products are easy to load, appear head on and don’t need coils, so adjusting selections is easier. Restocking is much faster and you don’t need to worry about missed coil slots with PUSH-IT trays.

For any vending business, an important step is filling the vending machines. Filling machines is not a complicated process, and this video makes it effortless for you. Follow the steps given to load products on the Push-It tray easily. 

To begin with, you need to move the pusher module to the back. Grab the pusher module and tilt it back to move it along the spiral rod. After this, place your product in the front, moving backward. Finally, move the product pusher to the back of the last product and your machine is ready to vend.

This video describes how to change PUSH-IT tray selection configurations. 

For additional support, visit our Help Center.
Language: English
Product Type: PUSH-IT
Difficulty: Easy
Duration:Less than 5 Minutes

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