This video is a webinar that explains how to maximize your time and profit with our Greenlite cashless system. The session includes Greenlite customers sharing their experiences using Greenlite card readers.

This interactive session also talks about all aspects of the Greenlite product across all stages of its lifecycle, from installation and setup to daily usage and deposits into your bank account.

The video also touches briefly on troubleshooting steps followed by answering questions from users. We hope that the webinar is useful for all current and potential users of Greenlite.

Please find assistance with the Greenlite software platform here. We have Start Up videos, Manage Inventory videos, as well as General Reporting and Troubleshooting videos.

Need more assistance? Visit the Greenlite support page or contact our Help Center. Our team would love to help you.
Language: English
Product Type: Payment Systems
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 30-60 Minutes

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