This video helps you understand how to install your MEI 4 in 1 to your glass front vending machine. Before watching the video, it is recommended that you have the following tools in hand:
  1. The Greenlite G10 kit
  2. MEI 4 in 1 
  3. Philips screwdriver 
  4. 11 32-inch nut driver
Please ensure that your machine is powered off before continuing with this procedure. First remove the bill acceptor, keep the nuts to install the MEI 4 in 1. Set the bill box aside and put the MEI 4 in 1 into place. Next, reconnect the bill box. Next install the G10 kit. Place the telemetry box in the machine first. Put it next to the control board at the top of the machine. Make sure you have easy access to the telemetry box buttons. Your DEX and MDB connections must be secure. Connect the bill acceptor and MDB as well as the MDB to the coin mechanism. You will form a bridge connecting the MEI 4 in 1 device to the G10 telemetry box.  Find more Vendnet Greenlite credit card reader videos here.

Language: English
Product Type: Installation
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 5-15 Minutes

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