Through this video, vending machine operators can learn how to remove and install can or bottle trays for their refrigerated vending machine. Follow these steps to move a can/bottle steel tray. After powering off, remove the tray harness from the retainer and connector. Then remove the 6 Philips screws, 3 on each side that secure the tray to the rails. Then lift up on the tray and pull it out of the cabinet.

See out vending refrigerated parts here.

These videos will teach you how to maintain your refrigeration unit, position your refrigerated vending machine, pair coils and motors, adjust coils,  

Learn how to move your steel trays high or lower in your cabinet by watching this video

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Language: English
Product Type: Trays
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 15-30 Minutes
Models: 3561, 3563

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