A Test Vend is the process of testing the motors of your vending machine. This video explains an indication of a test failure and how to troubleshoot and test the motors involved. Watch this video to learn how to perform a test vend on your GVC1 controlled vending machine's motors to ensure a proper vend. The motor, coil and coupler must be in good condition to guarantee the smooth operation of the vending machine. This video outlines how to enter service mode to test all the motors in a machine using the GVC1 controller.

Users can test motors by pressing the service mode button on the inside of the cabinet door. The next step is to select 8 for testing motors and to select the motor you would like to test by keying in the selection number. Each motor should rotate the coil selection twice when when there is no item dropped through the iVend Guaranteed Delivery Sensors into the delivery bin. You can also press 9 to test all the motors automatically in sequence.

Learn how to Test Vend a Flex controlled vending machine with a keypad by clicking here

View more GVC 1 Programming videos here, including setting prices and performing a diagnostics test.

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Language: English
Product Type: UI
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 5 Minutes or less
Models: 3573, 3574, 3575

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