The Model 3589 Snack and Drink Combo Vending Machine, from Wittern, is a perfect compact machine for operators whether they are getting their first machine or 101st machine. This combo machine is a versatile machine that delivers snacks, candy and cold drinks and will help you increase your income in no time. 

Follow these steps to secure the door on your Model 3589 vending machine. You will need a half inch socket, a 5/16 inch socket, a rubber hammer, a rag and a ladder. Begin by making sure that the power is turned off. Then make sure the machine is level side to side and front to back.

Remove the 2 set screws here on the top of the machine with the 5/16th inch socket.

Then after opening the door use a half inch socket to slightly loosen to approximately 50 inch pounds these 3 hinge bolts up inside the cabinet holding the door on. Use the hammer on the door to even out the gaps. Make sure you use a rag on the machine so you do not ruin the paint. Pounding on the hinge with the door open can move the door closer or farther away from the cabinet. When finished tighten the hinge bolts with a half inch socket to approximately 200 inch pounds.

Make sure to check door latches properly. Then secure the set screws back in place with the 5/16 inch socket. When you’re finished, lock the door shut.

Language: English
Product Type: Security
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 5 Minutes or less
Models: 3589

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