Follow these steps to replace your Power Supply in your machine’s power box.

This powers the LED lights around the door that help show off products to customers. This Power Supply also powers the evaporator fan in refrigerated machines. Replacing your power supply can help solve your regeneration unit grill frosting and LED lights not working.

When beginning this process. Make sure your machine is turned off.

We recommend using a ¼ in nut driver to remove the 4 screws securing the power box or using a Phillips screwdriver.

After the machine is turned off remove the 4 screws here that are holding the power box in place. Depending on the model of machine you have you may have to remove the screws at an angle after opening the door completely.

Take out the power box. We suggest taking a picture of the wiring before unplugging the older power supply so you will know how to connect the new one.

Remove this white connection and black connection.

Now you can pull out the power supply from this metal casing. You can also remove these two screws to get at the power supply as well. 

Now remove the power supply connections and replace them with the new power supply.

The wires colors may be a little different but the connections will still work.

Plug in the black connector to the power supply before replacing these connections. Connect black to black and white to white. It may be helpful to use needle nose pliers when disconnecting. 

Place the new power supply into the metal casing and put the power box back into the machine. Secure it in place with the four screws. 

Don’t forget to make this connection up at the top of the power box.

Now you can turn your machine back on.

Don’t forget to check out our Power and Electricity video tutorials page.

If you need parts visit our online store to find trays, motors, coils and other vending machine parts.

Visit our Help Center for more assistance with your machine.

Language: English
Product Type: Electrical
Difficulty: Medium
Duration:15 Minutes or less

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