The Model 3589 Snack and Drink Combo Vending Machine, from Wittern, is a perfect compact machine for operators whether they are getting their first machine or 101st machine. This combo machine is an easy-to-set-up, versatile machine that delivers snacks, candy and cold drinks and will help you increase your income in no time. This video covers one of the most important set up steps, setting prices.

This machine has a GVC1 control board and allows you to set prices for individual products, by each row, or the same price for all selections in the machine. Before setting prices make sure you know what you want to price each selection number.

You will begin setting prices by pressing the service mode button on the control board. This will take the machine out of vending mode and place it in service mode where you can make updates to the machine settings.

If you would like more assistance programming your Model 3589 machine, see our GVC1 programming video page here. Do you need more help with your Model 3589 machine? Find the full machine set up video here.

Need more help with setting prices? Please see our article here or visit our Help Center.

Language: English
Product Type: Coils
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 5 Minutes or less
Models: 3561, 3563

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