InDEX is a product planogramming and information management tool designed to let operators engage their customers and display product information. With InDEX you can develop your own comprehensive library of products with access to a global database of products from the manufacturers featuring accurate nutritional information and product images.

InDEX formats product and advertising information for display on the iCART touchscreen interface, which is available on Flex touch screen  merchandisers. When using this tool for the first time, you will receive a Welcome email. Click the link in that email to reset your password.  Your account login is your email address, and your password is the one you created using the link in the email you received. First, you need to accept the end-user license agreement. Then, the product Dashboard page will be displayed.  

It is recommended that you set up your products with the correct image and nutrition information before creating your machines. In the local database, you can click the add button on the right to add details about your product. You can also  use the Category field to enter the calories for the entire package. There are templates available which you can use to make entering a machine quicker and easier.  

Find InDEX tutorial videos here and Flex control board videos here. If you need parts for your machine, visit our online vending machine parts store.

For additional support, visit our Help Center. 

Language: English
Product Type: UI
Difficulty: Easy
Duration:Less than 5 Minutes

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