This video describes the conversion of single zone to dual temperature zones in Model 3625 and 3626 combo vending machines. You will require your parts kit and a Phillips bit screwdriver. First, ensure the machine is disconnected from the power source. Next, take off the top five trays from the machine cabinet. 

For each tray you will need to disconnect the tray harness here. To remove the top 4 trays push this latch up on each side of the tray so that the tray can be removed.

To remove the tray lift the front up to approx. 10˚ and pull forward and at the same time lift up at the back. The bottom 2 can/bottle trays will need their harnesses disconnected.

You will need to relocate the temperature sensor probe & bracket on the same right-side cabinet wall at the side of the tray immediately under the insulation barrier. 

Put the silver bracket in place first and then feed the black temperature sensor down the side of the cabinet so you can secure it in its new position. We are going to install the insulation barrier under the 3rd tray so trays 4, 5 & 6 will be in the colder food/beverage storage temperature zone. The temperature above the barrier will be approximately 15˚F (8˚C) higher.

Note, there are no programming changes required for the Cold Food temperature control. You may wish to make setting changes to disable one or more selections for the health safety alarm control, check the programming manual for this.

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