ePort Engage Reader AT&T (Rental)

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Our ePort® Engage cashless reader enables retailers to accept nearly every form of digital payment and offers a vibrant color touchscreen to draw in consumers and drive greater sales.

Technical Specifictaions

Device Greenlite ePort Engage
Payment Methods EMV contactless and chip-card, NFC/RFID, Magstripe, Mobile Wallet
Size of Card Reader Height: 4.1732" Width: 3.3465" Depth: 2.4409"
Air Interface AT&T 4G LTE with Antenna
Hardware Supported Connections Serial, DEX, MDB


Be more profitable by accepting card and mobile payments!
Greenlite ePort is a card and mobile payment acceptance solution with cost-saving telemetry and data management tools.


The full function card reader supports multiple cards including Visa® Credit, Visa® Debit, MasterCard® Credit, Discover® Card, American Express.


Use one solution to manage both cash and cashless vending.


Web-based management application lets you keep tabs on your machines 24/7 from any web browser. Manage your machines from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Cashless is a "must have" in today's market due to customer
demand and a competitive business climate.

Supports multiple cards including Visa® Credit and Debit, MasterCard® Credit and Debit, Discover® and American Express®

Android Pay, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and major brand contactless cards

All transactions meet current payment card industry data security standard compliance. No card data is stored. Customers can be confident in a safe purchase.

Most comprehensive coverage is available using the AT&T LTE data networks.

Accessible 24/7. You’ll always have the latest version. You can use your computer, tablet or smartphone to keep tabs on your machines.

Visual Alerts

Weekly Bank Deposits

For open door outside normal hours, DEX Alerts, Temp Alerts and Pricing (too high/too low)

Import items from suppliers or create your own to populate your planograms

An added feature of planogram templates. Set up multiple machines to set planograms

Update prices at the machine level without making an extra costly trip to the machine.

See machines that are scheduled to be serviced with immediate product and SKU alerts

Creates a picklist for each machine. See machines, their selections and UPC alerts

Track payments to your account and export data for accounting

Tailor your views to exclude unutilized data


Machine Sales Tracking

Analyze your machines’ sales with comprehensive details on sales history by day, week, month and year. Immediately see underperforming machines and locations.

Superior Cashless Reporting

Keep tabs on your cashless sales by machine, location and customer. Get cash vs. cashless information and cash discount used.

Machine Alerts

View alerts on your dashboard for machine health including coin and bill jams, no-sales tracking, optional temperature alerts, out of touch and product pricing alerts. Keep your customers happy and your accounts profitable by being proactive with service.

Cashless Alerts

Provides actionable details on problems affecting cashless acceptance. Includes cashless-specific problems like reader failures or cabling issues, machine issues like stuck coils or column jams and network issues too. With cashless alerts, you’ll be able to proactively identify and fix problems ensuring better customer service and boosting sales.

Bill and Coin Alerts

Boost sales and reduce customer complaint calls. Proactively identify machines with bill jams, coin jams and jammed columns with 95% accuracy, avoiding “false positive” alerts for non-broken machines.

Item Sales Reporting

See your top-selling items and identify slow-moving or non-selling items at the click of a mouse.

Two-Tier Pricing

Enables differentiated pricing. Lower prices for cash, higher prices for cashless. Cash discount amounts can be changed remotely – no on-site visit, tech support call, or change fees required! Reduces or eliminates commissions paid on cashless transactions.

Asset Management

Map your asset locations for easy locating and assignment.


Get the details of Greenlite ePort Data & Hardware Reporting

Real-Time Texts or Email Notifications : Emailed or texted notifications for DEX alerts, door open outside normal hours, temperature alerts and product pricing (too high/too low) alerts.

Inventory Alerts : Be alerted to items in each machine that are below depletion settings.

Scheduling : See machines that are scheduled to be serviced with immediate product and SKU alerts

QuickPick : QuickPick makes it easy to schedule only machines that need service. See real-time indicators of depletion, sales since restock and days since restocking for each machine. This makes it easy to schedule the highest-priority machines with just a few clicks or taps. After machines are selected for service, Greenlite Data generates a pick list of which products and quantities are needed for each machine, plus totals that can be used for truck loading. The results: only one trip from the truck to each machine, less extra product on the truck, less spoilage and lower fuel costs.

Planogramming : Maximize the value of your service trips. Set par levels for products and know the exact quantity needed to be filled. Eliminate bring backs and return trips, overstocking and spoils. Set up items, categories, manufacturers and UPCs with size count and item cost details.

Item Database : Import items from suppliers and populate your own products

Premium Cashless Reader : The latest model of magnetic strip and NFC (Near Field Communication) offering from a twenty-year pioneer and leading-edge provider of cashless payment systems

Accepts Visa® Credit, Visa® Debit, MasterCard® Credit, Discover® Card, American Express® CardsBuilt-in NFC Reader accepts mobile payments from Android Pay, Apple Pay, Visa®, Google Wallet, payWave, AMEX express pay and Discover® zip payments

Greenlite Telemetry Device : The cellular data conduit to your Greenlite Cloud.

High Gain Dome Antenna : Lost sales because of connection is the last thing you want to worry about. Greenlite uses a focused high-gain antenna for reliable cellular data transfer. With rugged construction, it has secure external mounting for resisting vandalism and preventing theft.

All Harnesses Included