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lrt_hsvmSome people are obsessed with extreme sports. From road and mountain biking, whitewater kayaking and sky diving to skiing and snowboarding, rollerblading and rock climbing, they just cannot get enough adrenalin. What do you do though if while partaking in any of the above activities, the chain on your bicycle breaks, or the seat tears while riding? The Bike Fixation bike parts vending machine is there to help.

What is the Bike Fixation‘s High Security Vending Machine?

The name is not misleading; it is a vending machine stocked with bike parts. Customers can purchase everything from parts like bike tubes, chain lube, multi-tools, Allan wrench sets, and patch kits, to parts like derailer components, brake cables and handlebar grips.

Just as convenient as the parts available, are the different means customers can use to pay for the product they desire or need. The high security vending machines accept cash and coins, credit and debit cards, university cards and gift cards.

What Does it Look Like and What Makes it High Security?

Bike Fixation’s bike parts vending machines look like any other vending machine: big and square with a glass casing on the front so customers can view their options before purchasing. But, unlike the vending machines people buy candy and snacks from, Bike Fixation’s vending machine is built like a high-end safe.

It is made of heavy gage steel, with the exception of the front glass. The glass is actually polycarbonate and it is double-paned. In addition, the Bike Fixation vending machine is available with a heater that serves to keep products at a safe temperature even when temperatures outside drop to – 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bike Fixation High Security Vending Machine Models

There are three: the standard model and the HD and the HD SST models. The standard model is 35” x 39” x 72”. The HD and HD SST models are both 43” x 47” x 78” and the heaters of all three models run on 110 volts meaning proprietors can plug the vending machines into any standard outlet.

Have the Bike Fixation High Security Vending Machines Been a Success so Far?

Absolutely. There are machines in use in Brooklyn, New York; Canmore, Alberta, Canada; Miami; Minneapolis; Arlington; and Bundoora, Victoria, Australia in addition to San Ramon and Sausalito, California. That is just to name a few of the locations.

As the vending machines can be painted with any signage a proprietor would like, many Bike Fixation vending machine owners paint the name of their business on one side and maps of the surrounding area on the other.

Two of the most well-done vending machine paint jobs are those of the TeeBox Machine in Miami — which is aqua blue with slightly darker background patterns — and one of the machines in Victoria Australia. From top to bottom, the All4Cycling Machine fades from black to gray, then back to black at the bottom.


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