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bottledropMany grocery stores in Medford, Oregon were allowing their customers to recycle cans and bottles inside of the stores. While the process was beneficial to the customers, it often wreaked havoc on the stores. The recycling machines that were located inside the establishments were often sticky, dirty and broken. The administrators did not call anyone for vending machine repair to solve the problem of broken units. Medford has come up with a solution to the dirty job of bottle and can recycling: the Medford BottleDrop Center.

What Is the Medford BottleDrop Center?

The Medford BottleDrop Center is a huge, clean building that houses a large number of machines. The environment resembles a warehouse. The district thought it was a good idea to separate the filth of old bottles and cans from the groceries inside of the grocery stores. Having a separate BottleDrop Center will reduce some of the lines and confusion that occurred within the Medford stores and the surrounding areas. Customers will be able to visit the BottleDrop location and conduct business in less than five minutes. People with more than 24 cans will have to use the new BottleDrop location because grocery stores will not be able to accept their products.

Grocery stores that are within three miles of the BottleDrop location will start to implement the new recycling rules. Grocery stores will still accept cans and bottles from people who have less than 24 on their person. Other customers will have no choice but to take their cans and bottles to the new center. Some consumers may be apprehensive about the change at first. However, they may get used to the idea.

People will be working inside the facility to help keep it clean and presentable. These people will also help consumers who have questions about the process. Either visitors can use the self-service center inside the warehouse, or they can have their cans counted by a customer service representative. There is also an easy drop system that accepts the cans and then places the money on the customer’s account. To use this system, the person must set up an account before he or she performs an initial drop. The other two methods allow recyclers to get their money immediately at the site that they choose to use.

The new BottleDrop location will be open during convenient hours. It will open as early as 9am in the morning, and it will not close until 6pm at night. Therefore, people will have time to visit the site and recycle cans and bottles before or after they go to work in the morning.

The large new BottleDrop location is a convenient building for recyclers and grocery stores alike.

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