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A popular treat, ice cream’s roots are traced to ancient Persia. For centuries, this dessert has pleased palates and enticed the senses. It is also a perfect addition to any vending machine business. With the right location and reliable Mars vending machine repair, vending business owners enjoy rich profits from a delectable treat.

Vanilla Wins

The International Ice Cream Association (IICA) and its members companies annually make and distribute 85 percent of the frozen desserts U.S. consumers enjoy. In a recent poll of member companies, vanilla earned top honors as the favorite flavor followed by chocolate and butter pecan.

Select Premium Ice Creams

In addition to discovering favorite flavors, the IICA poll found that consumers like premium ice cream better than regular ice cream. Premium flavors feature a higher fat content and lower aeration, which makes them creamy, rich, and decadent.

Vending machine owners may wish to consider this data in addition to the availability of vending machine repair as they add new machines or upgrade existing machines in their inventory. By serving vanilla ice cream and other premium flavors, they realize the biggest financial profits.

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