At Vendnet, we want you to have the best equipment for your business. If your vending machine is 10 years or older, we recommend updating your equipment to a brand new machine. When you upgrade to a new machine, you receive up to $1,500 for your old machine. 

When you fill out the form to begin the process of replacing your old equipment, you will notice a few specific questions regarding your machine. This is to help us understand your machine better and ensure that you are getting the best price for your equipment. 

Understanding the condition of your machine

As you fill out the form, you will notice that we ask the condition of your vending machine. Please review the below definitions to determine the most accurate condition of your equipment.

Excellent Condition

A vending machine is considered of excellent condition if it appears brand new, lacks rust, is in perfect mechanical condition and does not require any repairs. Additionally, the equipment should appear free of wear and tear. 

Good Condition

A vending machine deemed with being in good condition means that it has not had any significant mechanical issues. If there are any issues, they should be easily repairable. Additionally, it should not have any major flaws. The inside and outside body of the machine should have very few, if any, defects with little to no rust.

Fair Condition

Vending machines in fair condition have some rust and physical defects. Additionally, they have some defects in the mechanical system. All imperfections or defects must be serviceable or repairable and must be in reasonable operating condition.

Poor Condition

A vending machine that is in poor condition may have mechanical issues that cannot be repaired. Additionally, a machine with low operating abilities and severe rust and damage will also be considered to be in poor condition.

Of course, there may be other factors that determine the condition of your vending machine, but this gives you a general starting point for your machine. Prior to determining the value, you may receive a call from a Vendnet representative.