This video from Vendnet walks you through how to use the Greenlite Seed and Pico online portal to set up items you want to sell using your cashless Greenlite Seed or ePort card reader. This includes adding item code and name for each product so you can properly track each item.

Setting up your items in the online portal is important so you can track transactions and inventory.

Now that your items have been set-up in the Greenlite Seed and Pico portal, would you like to set-up your planogram?  Check out this quick video now.    Or do you need help with your Greenlite Seed or Greenlite Pico hardware?  We’ve got you covered with a full library of Greenlite hardware and software ‘how to’ videos.  Find additional technical support here at our Help Center.

Language: English
Product Type: Payment Systems
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 5-15 Minutes

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