Proper signal for your card reader necessary for your customer’s payment to process and for the telemetry data to upload. This video walks you through the installation of a Greenlite Pico cellular antenna in the Model 3589 Snack and Drink Combo Vending Machine.

Safety Alert: Ensure that your machine is turned off before beginning the operation.

First, pop off the cover at the top of your machine. Hold on to the nut while you unscrew and remove it from the antenna's base. Mount the antenna as you run the antenna cables through the hole at the top of the cabinet. Run the hollow screw along the wire to fasten the antenna to the steel enclosure. Ensure the wires have been threaded through the nut and screw it into the cabinet behind the antenna to secure it.

The next step is to connect the antenna to the harness near the coin mechanism. Use zip ties to keep the wiring organized. You're all set now! Turn on your machine to begin booting up.

For more help with your Greenlite Pico device, view our full installation video for your Model 3589 combo vending machine. For any other assistance with your Greenlite Pico device, visit the Pico Help Center. Thank you for choosing Greenlite for your cashless transactions.

Language: English
Product Type: Coils
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 5 Minutes or less
Models: 3561, 3563

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