Greenlite Pico Card Reader (Rental)

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Rental only. This product is EMV compliant, has tap/swipe functionality, accepts mobile wallet payments and has many reporting features. This product has planogram tracking, remote monitoring, and can receive performance alerts.


Provide simple ways for customers to purchase items through the 365Pay app,
Apple Pay/Google Pay and a contactless card reader with the Greenlite Pico.


The full function card reader supports multiple cards including Visa® Credit, Visa® Debit, MasterCard® Credit, Discover® Card, American Express.


Use one solution to manage both cash and cashless vending.


Web-based management application lets you keep tabs on your machines 24/7 from any web browser. Manage your machines from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Cashless is a "must have" in today's market due to customer
demand and a competitive business climate.

Displays all of your sales for any or all of your individual sales. Cash sales will display first, then Credit sales and finally Coupon sales.

Gives you the amount of each item that has been sold from any one of your machines.

Give you profit margins on each of your items according to your reported cost and retail.

The Refill Report gives you the amount of each item you will need to refill your machine to par levels.

The Failed Vends Report will keep a list of all failed vends that were reported to AirVend. Failed vends may work in many different ways. This depends entirely on how your vending machine manufacturer designed failed vends. Some possibilities include:

Coil fails to spin

Item fails to drop

Item gets stuck

You can get the last four digits or the first six digits of the credit card to identify the purchase and see the cost of the finalized transaction. This is helpful as customers will frequently report that they were charged the authorization amount, instead of the purchase amount. You will be able to confirm the actual finalized transaction amount.


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