Product Risers reduce friction against the bottom of the tray and prevent the coil from lifting at the front.

To Install a Product Riser, pop out the gray coupler from the tray motor.

Twist the coupler off from the coil. Take the screw from the riser kit and secure it in the coupler’s center hole as demonstrated. Place the coupler back into the tray motor. Now put the riser on the screw in the back of the tray. Make sure the front of the coil is in place.

Finally insert two screws in the front of the tray.

Don’t forget to check out our videos on Best Loading Practices, replacing coils and changing coil timing as well.

If you need parts visit our online store to find trays, motors, coils and other vending machine parts.

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Language: English
Product Type: Trays
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 5-15 Minutes

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