It is important to understand how your coin mechanism and bill acceptor work in order to properly operate your touch screen vending machine. Feeling confident that your touch screen vending machine will accept cash and dispense change to your customers is an important step to getting your machine up and running. This video explains where to find both your coin mechanism and bill validator.

Your machine will need to be programmed properly to accept cash from your customers. To program your machine’s bill validator and coin mechanism, go to the service mode. When your machine is in the service mode, the coins that you put into the machine will go to the coin tubes. The control board maintains track of the coin values that go into the machine. It is important to fill the coin tubes with adequate change. 

Please find other videos about how to troubleshoot a coin jam, replace a coin mechanism and program a CV3 Conlux Bill Validator.

See our full library of Flex programming videos here.

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Language: English
Product Type: Payment Systems
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Less than 5 Minutes
Models: 3605, 3606, 3605, 3623, 3624, 3625, 3626, 3627, 3628, 3629, 3630, 3563, 3563, 3557.

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