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DIY Instruction Videos- Let’s Get Your Vending Machine Moving 

Moving your vending machine may seem daunting, but Vendnet's DIY instruction videos are here to make it an anxiety-free endeavour. These user-friendly guides empower both novices and seasoned veterans with clear, step-by-step procedures, demystifying the process and debunking the myth that only professionals can handle such tasks. So, whether you're relocating your snack vending machine to boost traffic or creating a more efficient layout, our Vendnet videos will help you do it safely, effectively, and at no cost or waiting time.  

Moving Your Vending Machine 

With Vendnet's step-by-step video guides, troubleshooting and maintaining your vending machine becomes a cakewalk, which includes moving your vending machine. Each video is crafted considering the complexities that could arise during relocation. They cover everything from the initial stage of disconnecting your machine from its power source to safely transporting it to the new location and finally reconnecting it flawlessly. 

These DIY instruction videos cover the steps and provide valuable tips and precautions to ensure your vending machine's safety during the move. It's like having a personal assistant guiding you through the process!

Let’s take you to the experience: 

Adjust Outriggers 

How would it feel when your vending machine wobbles or leans to one side? It not only destabilizes the machine but affects its dispensing capabilities. 

Well, that's where the outriggers come in! They are like the legs of the vending machine that help it stand firm and level. But sometimes, they need adjusting. And that's where Vendnet's DIY instruction video can help you. Before watching this, please have the following tools with you:

  1.       Half-inch socket
  2.       Pallet Jack

Clam Shell Through the Doorway

Have you ever faced the task of moving a hefty vending machine through a narrow passage or doorway? With Vendnet, this no longer has to be a big ordeal. The video starts with a step-by-step guide on properly securing the vending machine using the clam shell. If you need to become more familiar with the clam shell, it is an incredible tool designed to safely and securely hold the vending machine while it's being moved. It is a clever technique that involves splitting the vending machine into two parts - top and bottom. It's like cracking open a clam! It makes handling and accommodating a vending machine in a space a much easier proposition. 

Vendnet, Your Vending Destination

At Vendnet, we're dedicated to ensuring your vending experience is profitable and hassle-free. With a range of resources on our website, including informative DIY videos and manuals, we empower you to take charge of maintenance, troubleshooting, and programming. Don’t want to move the vending machine yourself? That’s not a problem. For those who prefer a hands-off approach, our network of expert on-site service entities is just a request away. Your success is our priority, and we look forward to being a part of your vending journey!

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