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Vendnet brings you an exciting exploration into the future of cashless vending technology - Greenlite Cantaloupe Webinar! In a world where convenience is vital, and digital transactions are becoming the norm, cashless payment solutions are revolutionizing the vending industry. This Webinar exclusively focuses on setting up your brand new Greenlite Cantaloupe Machine. 

What is Greenlite? 

Greenlite is a cashless payment technology (and a lot more). It is a technology that offers cash and mobile payment solutions and cost-saving telemetry and data management facilities. Its features include remote monitoring and reporting of sales, enhanced security, round-the-clock management facilities, integrated cash and cashless reporting, etc.

Highlights From the Webinar

The Greenlite Cantaloupe Webinar has been created to help users get acquainted with the process around the Greenlite Cantaloupe Machine. The Webinar is designed to help you be in control of the machine so that you can make the best use of the many functionalities embedded for your convenience. 

The Webinar begins by guiding the users to log in, upon which they will be directed to the ‘Machine View’ or ‘Sales’ screen. Here, you will be able to view the sales of the machine based on the different devices you have. You can select any of the machines for a setup and do a customer setup, which can be done by just providing some basic details. 

The next part of the Webinar entails the deployment of the machine, a process that again begins on the ‘Machine View’ screen. The machine is deployed through the ‘edit machine’ page. This is followed by ‘Item Setup,’ which involves setting up the items sold in the machine. 

Another aspect of the setup process is the ‘adding or editing of items’ in the Planogram. This can be initiated by clicking on the Asset ID from the ‘Machine View’ screen. As you will learn through the Webinar, this process is necessary to determine the capacity of a coil. The Webinar also walks you through restocking items and adjusting inventories. While doing this, you can also view the current stock levels and the sales rate. To watch the entire webinar for step-by-step instructions, click here!

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