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vending machine repairWhen you acquire a new route, it can take some time to figure out how often you need to restock and inspect your machines. As a rule of thumb, a candy machine should be restocked about once a month. Drink and snack machines will require restocking about once a week. If you have a coffee machine or other hot drink machine, expect to visit these machines about two times a week. However, these time frames will vary depending on how high traffic is in your area and what you stock. Long shelf-life candies in a low-traffic area, for instance, can be restocked as infrequently as every two months.

When you go to restock your machines, make sure that they are all clean and in proper working order. Order vending machine parts as soon as you notice a possible issue so that you can have repairs finished quickly. For jobs that require a professional, call in to arrange vending machine repair as soon as possible when you notice a problem. Every day that a machine is out of service is a day that it will not make money for you.

Get to know your machines and your customers’ habits. You will develop a routine that keeps your route in optimal shape.

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