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Getting Your Micro Market Cash Registers Ringing

Congratulations on investing in Scan & Go Market! In this article, we will help you set up your "Scan & Go Market Satellite Locker" and configure the product listing.

Connecting the Satellite Cooler

Let us set the cooler first. Once you have powered up the cooler, it is ready to be connected to the Vending Machine Controller (VMC) through Bluetooth. Your locker comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

Scan & Go  Market Vending Machine

When you open the door, you will see a sticker with the Bluetooth address on the inner wall of your cooler. Note it down, or take a picture of the address. You are now ready to connect with the snack machine's VMC.

Enter service mode by pressing the "Blue Button" on the control board. You should be able to locate it on the control board's inner side of the door.

Scan & Go  Market Vending Machine

Then, you can select "Connections" on the touch screen. Now, select "FlexConnect Settings" to enter the password. Your default password will be "2314". This should take you to the screen titled "FlexCon Settings." In the field marked "BLE1", enter the Bluetooth address you noted down earlier. Click the save icon on the upper right-hand corner and exit.

These steps should have connected your cooler to the snack machine and the VMC. You can confirm this by selecting "Service Mode" and "Configuration." When you select "Market," you will see that the "Market" is enabled.

Scan & Go  Market Vending Machine

Setting Items Up in Cooler

Now that you have connected the cooler to the VMC and Snack Machine, the next step is configuring the products on the VMC. This will allow the consumers to select the right product and pay for it when they buy from your cooler. There are three ways in which this can be done, as shown below:

  • Using the Touch Screen Configurator

As always, start by entering the service mode by pressing the "Blue Button." Select the "Configuration" menu on your touchscreen and then "Market." Your default password will be "2314". You will see three options. Select the first one that reads "Market Barcode Add." The next step is to select the motor corresponding to the product you want to vend.

However, considering you are configuring the satellite cooler that only has a door and no coils, you will have to configure a "Phantom Motor" instead of a "Motor" in the "Motor Type." The first 68 numbers on your screen are reserved for your regular motors. Start your Phantom motor setup by selecting numbers 70 and onwards. Press save when you have selected as many as you want to.

Scan & Go  Market Vending Machine

Exit service mode and re-enter service mode to perform a motor count. You will notice that the new motors you selected will appear green in the motor array to show that they are operational.

Scan & Go  Market Vending Machine

  • Steps to Add Barcode:

Now you are ready to load your product. Go to the "Market Settings" menu and select the "Barcode Add" option. Change the "Motor Type" to Phantom and select the number you want to assign the product. Then, scan the barcode on your product. You will notice that the Barcode, Item Name, and Product Price details are automatically populated in the respective fields. You can edit the price and item name if necessary. Remember to save by clicking the icon on the upper right corner of your touchscreen.

You can repeat the above steps for as many products as you want. Once you are done, exit out from the service mode.

  • Upload Product List as a .CSV File

We have made it convenient for you to set your product list for the coolers by allowing uploading a CSV file. You no longer have to stand beside the controller to enter the barcode and product names.

This can be achieved by creating a new Excel workbook with five columns, one each for:

Product UPC: This field is for entering the barcode number for the product.
Product Name: This field is for entering the name of the product.
Product Price: This is for the price you want to be displayed for this product.
Product Category: This field groups and categorizes products so that all items in each category will have the same selection number and price.
Selection: This is to help the user select the right product

      Do not forget to set the format to "Text" for all five columns. Once this is done, you can fill in the entries for each product as a separate line item.

      Scan & Go  Market Vending Machine

      Once this is done, save the file in the .CSV format on a USB drive with "ProductList.CSV." Insert the USB into the Raspberry Pi board on the inner side of the snack machine's door. Enter the service mode by pressing the "Blue Button."

      Select "Configuration" and then "Market." Enter the default password "2314" and select "Load Products from USB." The products list will automatically be loaded. Then all you need to do is to follow the steps to add the barcode for each product.


      Scan & Go Market from USelectIt is an easy-to-set-up micro market solution. The satellite cooler helps you dispense cold beverages, snacks, and fresh food. Following the step-by-step process in this article can help set your coolers and configure products to be sold on them.

      You can also watch "How to" videos here in these links to help you with your setup:

      1. Connecting Your Cooler Using Bluetooth
      2. Adding Products Using the Touchscreen
      3. Uploading Products from a .CSV File
      4. Uploading Products from a .CSV File to a Key Products List
      You can also write to us at or for more assistance.
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