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Preventative maintenance and cleaning for your vending machines are essential in preventing issues before they arise to reduce or eliminate downtime to ensure you never miss a sale or have product loss from a down machine. When you maintain your machine well, you can decrease the number of emergency phone calls to repair people. While some emergency phone calls are unforeseeable, proper machine maintenance will reduce unexpected costs.

You are reading this article just in time for your spring cleaning. Use these preventative maintenance and cleaning tips to help keep your vending machines running smoothly.

Coffee Machine Cleaning

Clogged filters in coffee vending machines are an example of a problem you can avoid by making minor maintenance and cleaning adjustments. All filter cartridges have a defined lifespan, so knowing when to change a water filter on a coffee vending machine helps prevent the machine from clogging. Keeping your machine clean is also a great way to avoid machine malfunction. To see a step-by-step instructional video on how to clean your coffee machine properly, check out Vendnet’s helpful video here. 

Refrigeration Unit Maintenance 

At Vendnet, we recommend annual maintenance on your refrigeration unit every three months.  To keep your refrigeration system running smoothly, wipe off the condenser fan in the back if dust has accumulated, but be gentle to avoid bending blades. Check your intake filter to ensure it is clean. Check out Vendnet’s helpful instruction video here to see how to do this. This video also shows how to ensure your vending machine’s gaskets are formed and secured to your unit.  

Vendnet has an entire video section devoted to refrigeration system maintenance and cleaning. Check out our video library by clicking here. 

Air Filters

It is essential to remember to replace your air filter.  We suggest replacing it every three months. Need help with replacing the air filter in your refrigerated vending machine? Vendnet has you covered with this video that takes you through the steps to replacing your air filter. 


Keeping your vending machine looking presentable is crucial to draw in customers. To do so, Inspect your machine with an effective all-purpose cleaner, removing any smudges or stains that may have developed, along with an all-over spray-and-swipe. 

Maximizing Revenue with Preventive Maintenance

To maximize your revenue, you should practice the following as part of your spring cleaning and preventive maintenance:

Stop Predictable Problems

Prevention is the key to avoiding more significant problems. Take preventative measures against predictable situations, such as changing the water filters in a coffee vending machine or cleaning the bill acceptor to prevent jamming. It is also important to clean the compressor on frozen food or cold dispensers. 

Vendnet has a video library dedicated to maintaining and cleaning your vending machine. Our helpful videos cover many topics, including Locks/Handles, Refrigeration Systems, Coils, Motors, Trays, Elevators, Hardware Conversion and Reconfiguring, Control Boards, and more. View Vendnet’s helpful DIY video library here. 

Good Repair/Diagnostic Skills

Vending machine technicians must receive regular training to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest maintenance strategies. Effective communication with vending machine technicians will ensure problems are solved quickly. Keeping accurate records of emergency maintenance phone calls helps to identify issues associated with particular vending machine technicians or route persons.

Maintenance Records

Keeping maintenance records will help gauge the life of consumable parts so that you will know when to change those parts. Records will identify problem areas that need additional attention.

Final Thoughts

These preventative maintenance and cleaning tips will make your machines malfunction less, keep you from missing out on sales and help you maintain happy customers. At Vendnet, our machine parts and services provide customers peace of mind. Visit our website for parts and service manuals, DIY instruction videos, and more!

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