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There are a lot of great new technologies hitting the vending industry and creating exciting new opportunities to improve your patrons’ experiences. One of these technologies making splashes in the vending industry is the use of QR, or Quick Response, codes.

For vending machine operators, these barcodes can be scanned by patrons and their smart phones will automatically be directed to take an action. These codes can be used for many purposes, but a service that customers will truly appreciate is an easy way to contact you if your vending machine is broken or there is an issue with its service. Printing a QR code and using it next to the contact information for your machine makes it easy for customers to find your website and specific contact forms that they can use to report an issue with your machines.

Once customers contact you about service issues with your machine, Vend Net USA can help get your machine running as soon as possible with vending machine repairs and parts. Giving your customers the ability to contact you immediately and then using Vend Net USA to act quickly on the repairs will keep them coming back and reduce any missed profits from the downtime of your machine.

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