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From convenience stores, to malls, offices, hotels or schools, you can find vending machines just about anywhere. Their ability to be placed anywhere and offer convenience to customers is one of the major benefits to having vending machines, but sometimes these unsupervised machines can run into some trouble.

Often seen as easy targets for people looking to steal, unattended vending machines can become victims of break-ins because of their isolation and perceived lack of ownership. Many news stories about these robberies can be found daily and they often include criminals breaking open vending machines, smashing the glass or opening up the coin-collecting systems.

There are systems and technologies available to help prevent these thefts, as well as keeping machines in well-lit and frequently trafficked areas, but sometimes the unavoidable happens. Vend Net USA is a great resource for helping piece back together your machines. Vending machine repairs are our specialty and we have the parts and technical support you need to get your machines up and running again after an unfortunate robbery or attempt. has an extensive catalogue of parts that can be delivered throughout the world with quick and reliable shipments.

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