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Conlux Bill Validator
Flexibility and simplicity are the highlights of a Conlux Bill Validator. You can accept $1 bills to $20 bills at the press of a button. The Conlux is highly reliable and simple to operate. Programming updates are readily available in the field using a bill programming module (BPM).
 Features of a Conlux Bill Validator
  • Acceptance sensors contain dual pellet sensing and utilize optical technology
  • Replaces the latest vending machine LCD screens
  • Accepts $1 bill to $20 bills at an acceptance rate of 95%
  • Eliminates the need for jammed bill acceptor service calls
  • Cashbox has easy accessibility with 300 and 500-note capacities with dual side entries
  • Accepts four different coupons, including a low-cost, secure option, which allows you to market to a larger customer audience
 Conlux Coin Mechanism 

Nothing is more frustrating for a vendor than not being able to receive payment for their products. It is equally disappointing for consumers who want to purchase products from your vending machine if there is a payment issue.

Imagine your customer selects an item from your machine. Unfortunately, when they try to insert money, a faulty piece of equipment or jam prevents the sale. You can avoid these unfortunate situations with the Conclux coin mechanism. 

Conlux Payment System: Exactly What Your Business Needs
Conlux delivers high performance for vending operators who are value-conscious. Vending machine operators love its simple programming capabilities- All you need to do is press the blue button at the back of the validator and provide it with the desired bill values.
More About Conlux Payment Systems 
Conlux payment systems provide quality money-handling solutions for vending markets with decades of experience and knowledge in core validation technology. They offer various payment systems and associated products with enhanced security protection providing comprehensive solutions to ensure financial success. 
Conlux includes an extensive range of coin and bill validators and dispensers. Its technology provides real end-user benefits, including fast acceptance rates, the highest level of security, and low labor and maintenance costs.
These effective payment systems for vending machines have the advantage of being customer-centric. Customers come first as these systems are constantly updated based on market trends to ensure all products meet customers' needs and provide a beneficial solution to your business. Whether you focus on increasing revenue, improving customer service, or improving operational efficiency, Conlux payment systems are the best deal.
Conlux bill validators and coin mechanisms are top-of-the-line, providing consistent and reliable performance. Used by vending machines worldwide, our unrivaled payment systems handle millions of weekly transactions. You can order your Conlux Coin Mechanism on Vendnet. Click here to order yours today!
ConluxConlux bill validator

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