Your brand new ambient snack vending machine is perfect for making money dispensing chips, candy, pastries and more to your customers. Our machines are built with the best materials, manufactured in the U.S.A. and are designed to provide vendors with dependable operation well into the future.

Tools required for machine installation include:

  • Screwdriver or drill (No 2 Phillips head)
  • A bubble level 
  • A Vendnet wrench leveling tool
  • A pry bar, a crowbar, or large screwdriver
  • A hammer 
  • Box cutter or blade

  • 0:05 Tools Needed

    0:28 Receiving & Inspecting Vending Machine

    1:08 Machine Damage Protocol

    1:45 Remove Shipping Skids

    2:34 Leveling Vending Machine

    3:13 Power Cord

    6:09 Loading Products

    7:16 Setting Prices

    8:47 Test Vend

    9:35 Set Date and Time on Vending Machine

    9:44 Service Mode

    11:16 Load Coin Mechanism with Change

    When receiving your ambient snack vending machine make sure you have the necessary tools to unpackage the machine, remove shipping skids, and level the machine.  Be sure to inspect the exterior of all cartons for damage after you receive the vending machine. Examine the equipment visually for signs of damage. If there is any damage, specify where the damage is located and take photos and send them to the factory. You can find the keys to your machine in the coin return slot in the lower right area on the front of the machine. 

    Leveling the vending machine is a very important activity. This helps the door to open and close properly and other items within the machine to move correctly. Before plugging the power cord to the wall socket, you must check the integrity of the main electrical supply for correct polarity, presence of a good ground and the correct voltage.  

    This video discusses how to access the control board. It also teaches how to set prices and perform a test vend on the motors. 

    This video also describes how to set up your coin mechanism and bill acceptor as well as how to load items into each selection in the machine.

    Find our selection of motors and coils on our website for online ordering.

    See our full library for GVC1 and GVC2 programming videos.

    For additional support, visit our Help Center.
    Language: English
    Difficulty: Easy
    Duration: 1 hour or more

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