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The Elevator Vending Machine has been thoughtfully designed to effortlessly dispense delicate consumables like pastries, sandwiches, and beverages in glass bottles. This option is both convenient and profitable in any workspace, as it allows people to quench their thirst or satisfy their cravings without leaving the building while also generating revenue for you.

But when they malfunction, it can be incredibly frustrating. Whether it's an unexpected error code, parts replacement, or a simple maintenance requirement, even the best of machines can throw up problems. However, with some knowledge, patience, and the right approach, you can swiftly fix these issues and get your vending machine back in service in no time. 

Dive into this guide to learn about the common glitches in elevator vending machines and the ways in which these videos can help you tackle and resolve the issue efficiently and quickly.

Self-help, The Way You Want It 

We understand that time is crucial, which is one of the reasons that we created an extensive library of videos to facilitate quick troubleshooting. Each of these videos covers the entirety of the process so that you, too, can become a vending expert.

Let’s dive into some of the videos and explore what it covers:

Elevator Maintenance & Troubleshooting (Model 3629)

This video walks viewers through a step-by-step process of maintaining and troubleshooting your Model 3629 Vending Machine. It simplifies the following procedures for the easier understanding of vending operators:

  1. The placement of the elevator bucket. 
  2. The appropriate setting of the belt tension.
  3. Procedures for removing screws, examining baffle positions, removing the extra gasket material, and replacing damaged parts.
  4. The tools to have in hand for the process. 
  5. Tips to keep you safe during the process.  

Elevator Maintenance & Troubleshooting (Model 3561)

This video is quite similar to the above-mentioned one, the difference being that the model of the machine differs. The procedures entail ensuring the positioning of the elevator delivery bin, the operation of lock slides, checking the machine gasket, and, again, the setting of the belt tension. 

Troubleshooting- Out of Service - Bin Rises Twice and Stops at the Top/Rises Three Times

This is one of the issues that can stop a vending machine from dispensing properly. This usually happens if there is a misalignment in the way in which trays are placed or plugged in. Seems complicated? Check out our videos above and let us know in the comments if you still need help troubleshooting this issue. 

EFL8 Error Code (Incorrect Motor Count)

This video educates viewers on the steps to troubleshoot an EFL 8 Error Code. The procedure involves 

  1. Putting the machine in service mode and performing a motor count. 
  2. Checking if the motor count corresponds with the number of trays in the machine.
  3. And the respective response mechanisms. 

Elevator Bin Motor and shaft Replacement

This video seeks to help viewers understand how to replace the elevator motor and shaft in Models 3561 and 3563 Elevator Vending Machines. This includes:

  1. The tools to have in hand for the process.
  2. The safety prerequisites.
  3. And measuring the timing of the belt tension. 

No Bin or Baffle Movement (Model 3561)

This video deals with the diagnosis and troubleshooting of ‘no bin or baffle movement,’ a condition that renders your vending machine out of service.  

Elevator Control Board Lights

This video helps vending machine owners understand the intricacies of a vending machine Control Board operation. 

Vendnet, Here To Make Your Vending Experience Easier 

One of Vendnet’s goals is to empower vending users with knowledge that can make maintaining vending machines easier. Visit Vendnet’s website today for more content created for an exciting vending journey. 

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